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Jugend gründet
national victory!

The journey continues and we have reached the next milestone with blind Sonar

-> the national victory at Jugend gründet 2024!!!


Many thanks to JUGEND GRÜNDET for organising this great competition, Porsche AG for the special prize "Digital Innovations" and the Steinbeis Foundation for the unique main prize - the trip to Siclion Valley.

Articles & Awards



Special prize from the Minister of Culture

at the state competition BW 2024


second place overall

Jennifer Stahl


“The two had already made contact with blind schools and companies to further develop their perception aid.”

“For the future, the two students have decided not only to further develop the perception aid for the blind, but also to bring it to market.”

Nicole Töppke


“Ferdinand Horn and Julian Schenker from the Lichtenstern-Gymnasium in Sachsenheim developed a perception aid for visually impaired people as a supplement to the cane.”



National winner

impact entrepreneurship 2023



Winner Pitch Day Munich

-> Direct qualification for national final

from 11.6-12.6.2024



Gold Medal Winners

for "outstanding achievements"


Hazard detection

Detects everyday dangers at head and foot level and on stairs.

360° view

Also reliably detects dangers coming from behind, such as cars.


Transforms the environment into tangible haptic signals.


It is easy and completely customizable via its own app.


Become a test person

Join our no-obligation waiting list and we will let you know as soon as our innovative headband is available. Be one of the first to experience the benefits.

blind Sonar App
blind Sonar
  • When will the blind Sonar be available for testing?
    Our goal is to guarantee the highest level of reliability and safety before we comprehensively test the system. The first major test series are planned for the fourth quarter of 2024. Until then, we are working hard to perfect the technology and meet all safety standards. However, you can already secure a place on the waiting list so that we can inform you in good time before the product launch.
  • Can you become part of our team?
    Since we are very busy and are always looking for helpers, we are happy to receive any application. We have listed our vacancies , but unsolicited applications are also possible. We are a company that specializes in the development of sonar technology for blind people. Our mission is to develop innovative and user-friendly solutions to promote the mobility and independence of blind people. If you are interested in becoming part of our team and contributing to our vision, we look forward to receiving your application.

Partners & Supporters

1st Headband for the blind

blind Sonar is an innovative headband invented by students that enables blind people to sense their surroundings, making everyday life safer and easier.




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