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blind Sonar App
blind Sonar Stirnband
Haptisches Feedback

Haptic feedback

Our haptic feedback system uses individual vibration patterns to map your environment as accurately as possible. These tactile signals convey distances and sizes of objects, giving you a detailed idea of your surroundings. Thanks to this innovative technology, you can navigate more safely and intuitively by perceiving the world around you through tactile patterns.

Barrier-free communication

Intuitive navigation


Gefahrenerkennung in der Fußgängerzone

Hazard detection

Real-time monitoring of the environment detects threats multiple times per second and detects objects up to head height. Each sensor tracks 64 distances simultaneously, enabling seamless monitoring and fast response times.

Buildings, walls & passageways

Cars, Bicycles & People

Daily construction sites, signs, etc.

360° view

Our 360-degree visibility technology detects hazards from all directions and senses movement in the environment in three dimensions. This information is transmitted directly to you via haptic feedback, giving you a precise picture of your surroundings. This enables tactile perception of the entire environment, allowing you to navigate safely and confidently.

Extended field of view

Comprehensive security

3D motion detection

360 Grad Umsicht

Individualization via app

With our user-friendly app, you can customize the haptic feedback by setting the intensity and other parameters according to your personal preferences. Users have the option of creating their own setting profiles and saving them in their login. This allows the profiles to be shared and used across devices to ensure an optimal and consistent user experience at all times.

Own user profile

Shareable across devices

Customizable printing parameters

Mockup blind Sonar App

The blind Sonar headband

Our revolutionary headband for the blind combines functionality and style, integrated into a fashionable accessory . With over twice the reach of a conventional cane and at less than 10% of the cost of a guide dog, it offers a cost-efficient and effective solution. The headband detects objects at head height and thus protects the most important center of the body. Using the latest sensors and haptic feedback, it enables safe, confident and stylish movement in everyday life.

blind Sonar Stirnband
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